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By Smart Family Dental Care
December 18, 2019
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How a root canal from your dentist in Norcross, GA, can save your smile

Do you suffer from tooth pain? If so, you may be wondering if you need a root canal. Truthfully, root canal therapy can eliminate tooth pain and save your smile from needing to undergo tooth removal. Here at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA, Dr. Orson Baek offers a full range of dental services including root canal therapy to protect your dental health—read on to learn more.

What a root canal can do for you

So, how do you know if you need a root canal? Well, there are several signs and symptoms that you should pay attention to. For instance, you may need a root canal if:

  • You have increasing tooth pain when you consume foods and beverages that are hot, cold, or sugary
  • You experience a sharp, throbbing pain when you bite down or chew your food
  • You notice a red or white bump on your gums next to the root of a tooth
  • You see blood or pus draining from the bump on your gums next to the tooth root

Pain is often the first symptom you will notice, but sometimes a tooth can die naturally and you won’t even feel it—all you may notice is the tooth growing darker or grayer than the teeth next to it.

There are several reasons which may cause you to need a root canal. The innermost layer of your tooth, an area called the pulp, can become bruised or damaged. The pulp is where the blood supply and nerves to the tooth are located. When the pulp becomes injured, inflammation, fluid, and pressure build up inside your tooth. The inflammation leads to increasing pain, which can be severe.

When you experience tooth pain, you need to visit your dentist as soon as you can. By taking x-rays and performing temperature and vitality tests, your dentist can tell if your tooth could benefit from a root canal.

Concerned? Give us a call

To learn more about the root canal procedure and it can benefit your smile, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Orson Baek of Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA, today by dialing (770) 446-5700.

By Smart Family Dental Care
July 01, 2016
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If you’re experiencing gum pain don’t panic. Your Norcross, GA, dentist can help!

If you are suffering from constant gum pain, it’s a good idea to let a qualified dental professional, such as the staff of Smart Family gum painDental Care in Norcross, to help you find out what’s causing the issue.

Many people in Norcross experience some sort of gum pain. Most of the time, it’s not serious. In fact, your gum pain could be caused by something as simple as brushing your teeth too hard or too vigorously. Oral appliances such as braces, dentures, retainers, and mouth guards can occasionally cause irritated gums. These are issues you can usually treat or fix yourself.

However, if your gums are red, swollen, tender, or bleeding and it hurts to chew, you have loose teeth, and you have bad breath that won’t go away, you might be dealing with gum disease.

There are two types of gum disease, mild, known as gingivitis, and severe, known as periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacterial build up from poor or inadequate oral hygiene. It can cause some discomfort, but if caught in time, is usually easy to alleviate. Periodontitis is much more severe and occurs when gingivitis has not been adequately treated or has become out of control.

While gum disease is something you can’t treat on your own, the good news is your Norcross dentist can help you treat and cure it. You, of course, need to do your part by avoiding risk factors and practicing good oral hygiene habits.

Risk factors for gum disease can include, but are not limited to, smoking, hormonal changes, chronic conditions, and illnesses such as diabetes, and use of certain medications.

Your Norcross dentist, Dr. Orson Baek, will likely have several different treatments options for your gum disease, ranging from deep cleaning, medications or surgical procedures. Your Norcross dentist can give you information about your options and help you make the best decision for you.

For more information about gum disease, or if you are seeking the services of a qualified dentist, contact Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross at (770) 446-5700.