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By Smart Family Dental Care
August 20, 2013
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Laser Dentistry  

At Smart Family Dental, laser and cosmetic dentistry in Norcross, Dr. Orson Baek utilizes recent advancements in technology to improve dental procedures for all of his patients in Norcross. Dr. Baek maintains precision and efficiency through laser dentistry so that his patients can experience the best in dental care. Laser dentistry allows for the treatment of highly specific areas by laser without damaging the surrounding tissues.  Norcross Laser Dentistry

For years lasers have been used in dentistry to treat a number of dental problems. As laser dentistry continues to improve and grow in popularity, many dental procedures can be performed quicker, more efficiently and more comfortably than ever before. Dr. Baek, dentist in Norcross, GA, may use dental lasers during a professional cleaning to remove tartar and as a replacement for the traditional root planing procedure, which currently is performed using a surgical instrument that can potentially damage surrounding tissue.

In Norcross, laser dentistry offers an array of benefits for both the patient and Dr. Orson Baek. From faster healing to minimizing bleeding and bacterial infections, laser dentistry allows Dr. Baek to successfully treat his patients without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

For more information on laser dentistry in Norcross at Smart Family Dental, contact Dr. Orson Baek and his staff by calling (770) 446-5700.