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By Smart Family Dental Care
January 13, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Anxiety  

Dental AnxietyDental anxiety is an unfortunate, yet common concern for our patients. Whether you had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, or you are afraid of going to the doctor in general, you can be assured that our Norcross, GA dentist staff will take every step possible to make you comfortable during your visit.

We recommend taking the following steps in reducing your dental anxiety, which can help you have a more pleasant experience:

Talk To Us Ahead of Your Visit

While we understand that all patients may have some fear of the dentist, we understand each person has unique dental anxieties. By calling us ahead of time to explain your concerns, we are better able to work with you to achieve a comfortable appointment. This can include increasing communication about what we are doing, playing music that comforts you, or creating a hand signal that indicates when you may need a break from a cleaning or dental procedure. There are many steps we can take to help - you need only tell us in advance so we can prepare.

Take Anxiety-Relieving Measures Prior to Your Appointment

Getting a good night’s rest prior to your dentist’s appointment can help you to feel better and less anxious. You should also avoid drinking caffeinated beverages prior to coming to our Norcross, GA dentist’s office because this could make you feel more jittery and nervous. High-protein food options, such as a meal of grilled chicken, turkey sandwich or handful of nuts can create a calming effect.

Focus on Your Breathing

When you undergo a dental treatment, holding your breath can only make you feel more panicked. Practice breathing in and out through your nose prior to your appointment to slow your breath. You can also think of positive thoughts to focus on, such as a favorite place or happy memory. This can reduce your anxiety and help you feel more at ease during your appointment.

For more information on how our Norcross, GA dentist’s office can relieve your dental anxiety, please call our office at (770) 446-5700.

By Smart Family Dental Care
January 12, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Gum Pain  

Gum pain is nothing to be ignored. Whether an individual has red, swollen and bleeding gums or has canker sores. gum pain and sensitivity can be treated and prevented, too.

What causes gum pain?

An individual with gums that are swollen and sensitive may be suffering from a common oral infection called gingivitis. AccordingGum Pain to the National Institutes of Health, many American adults suffer from this irritation of the gums which has its origin in the build-up of sticky plague and tartar at the gum line. If not addressed, gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease which causes gums and bone to recede and which can lead to tooth loss.

Another source of gum pain is canker sores, small white sensitive spots on the gums or on other places in the mouth. These bothersome sores can be caused by:

  • stress
  • hereditary factors
  • flu and cold viruses
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • smoking
  • some medications
  • diabetes
  • poorly fitting dentures
  • puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause

What should be done about gum pain?

There are some immediate treatments an individual can try when his gums hurt. These include rinsing with warm salt water several times a day and also applying over the counter topical analgesics such as Orajel. Persistent gum pain requires a trip to the dentist.

Prevention is the best treatment.

Correct and routine oral care can help keep gum pain from starting. Of course, brush teeth after meals and at bedtime using a soft or medium bristled brush with a gentle circular motion. This removes the sticky plague that forms on teeth and gums after eating and overnight. Daily flossing between the teeth is critical, too, as this curtails the formation of hard, yellow tartar, the biggest enemy of healthy gums.

Your dental hygienist will be happy to show you the correct way to brush and to move floss between and around teeth, using a motion that removes the debris but does not abrade the gums. Floss at least once daily.

Visits to the dentist for semi-annual cleanings and for x-rays and exams will help prevent gum pain, too. Be sure to visit his office whenever you are concerned about the health of gums and teeth.

In addition, healthy lifestyle habits are paramount to a healthy, pain-free mouth. Eating a good diet, reducing stress and stopping smoking are tried and true ways to keep a great smile.

Don't wait if you are experiencing tooth or gum pain.

Orson Baek DDS, MS invites you to visit his Norcross, Georgia office for your next dental check-up. He is highly skilled in restorative and preventative dentistry and specializes in periodontics. Call 770-446-5700 to set an appointment.