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By Smart Family Dental Care
May 08, 2017
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Dental bonding offers a simple way to restore and enhance your smile. Your Norcross, GA, dentist, Dr. Orson Baek of Smart Family dental bondingDental Care, explains how bonding works and shares information on several dental issues that can be treated with these cosmetic dentistry treatment.

How does bonding repair teeth?

Soft composite resin is the material used in bonding. Although the composite resin is soft and pliable initially, it becomes very hard when exposed to a curing light. Composite resin comes in the most common tooth shades to ensure that your dental work doesn't stand out when you smile. If you're concerned about costs, you'll want to consider bonding. The procedure is one of the most durable and least expensive dental treatments available. The next time you visit Dr. Baek's Norcross office, ask him if bonding will help your smile.

Will bonding help my smile?

Bonding is often used to repair damaged teeth. It can fill in chipped areas of enamel or even lengthen teeth. Grinding, one of the most common causes of short teeth, may affect your bite and can even make your teeth more susceptible to decay. Bonding builds up your teeth, lengthening and protecting them. Large or deep cracks will need to be treated with crowns, but smaller cracks can benefit from bonding. Applying a thin coating of composite resin is an excellent solution if you want to hide small, noticeable cracks in teeth.

Bonding is equally effective at hiding discolorations as it is concealing cracks. Whether your tooth became darker due to trauma or a dental procedure or changed color after you took tetracycline as a child, dental bonding offers the easiest way to transform your tooth.

Teeth don't always look quite the way we want. Luckily, bonding can be used to address a variety of appearance-related issues. If a tooth is a little bumpy or pitted, a coating of composite resin will help smooth it out. Bonding can also change the shape of a tooth and is often used to make twisted teeth appear straight.

Gaps might not affect your bite, but they can impact the way you feel about your smile. Filling in gaps with composite resin gets rid of small spaces between teeth quickly.

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks these days? Bonding can help improve your appearance. Call your Norcross, GA, dentist, Dr. Baek of Smart Family Dental Care, at (770) 446-5700 to find out if the cosmetic dentistry option is right for you.

By Smart Family Dental Care
January 03, 2017
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How cosmetic dentistry from your Norcross dentist can help your smile

Cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for just about everyone. No matter whether your teeth are broken, unevenly shaped, badly aligned cosmetic dentistryor deeply stained, a cosmetic dental procedure can enhance your smile. You can now change what genetics and bad habits have done to your smile. Dr. Orson Baek at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA wants to help you discover how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile.

If you want a whiter smile because you drink coffee, smoke or have an aging smile, a professional whitening treatment can help. The results from professional whitening can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades, and your great results can last up to 5 years! At Smart Family Dental Care, you can choose from:

  • In-office whitening--if you want rapid results; treatment takes about an hour.
  • Take-home whitening--if you want to whiten at your convenience; the kit contains everything you need to whiten at home.

If you want to cosmetically change the color, appearance, alignment or other issues about your teeth, you can choose dental bonding. This procedure uses composite, a liquid resin material that is shaped and then hardened with an ultraviolet light. Dr. Baek can color match the material perfectly   so that your new bonding treatment becomes a harmonious part of your smile.

Contouring and reshaping are often performed in combination with bonding to improve dental imperfections, worn or broken teeth, or poor tooth alignment and other issues.

For a more dramatic smile enhancement, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice. Veneers are thin sheaths of porcelain which are cemented on the front surfaces of your teeth. They resist staining, making them a great solution for smokers and coffee drinkers too. Porcelain veneers will mask most dental appearance problems including teeth that are:

  • Chipped or cracked
  • Poorly shaped or badly aligned
  • Discolored or stained
  • Unevenly spaced apart

You owe it to yourself to consider cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile. A great smile creates a great first impression, and you want people to see you at your best. To find out more about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you call Dr. Baek at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA. Call today and discover why cosmetic dentistry is right for you!

By Smart Family Dental Care
May 13, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Magician Michel Grandinetti can levitate a 500-pound motorcycle, melt into a 7-foot-tall wall of solid steel, and make borrowed rings vanish and reappear baked inside bread. Yet the master illusionist admits to being in awe of the magic that dentists perform when it comes to transforming smiles. In fact, he told an interviewer that it’s “way more important magic than walking through a steel wall because you’re affecting people’s health… people’s confidence, and you’re really allowing people to… feel good about themselves.”

Michael speaks from experience. As a teenager, his own smile was enhanced through orthodontic treatment. Considering the career path he chose for himself — performing for multitudes both live and on TV — he calls wearing an orthodontic device (braces) to align his crooked teeth “life-changing.” He relies on his welcoming, slightly mischievous smile to welcome audiences and make the initial human connection.

A beautiful smile is definitely an asset regardless of whether you’re performing for thousands, passing another individual on a sidewalk or even, research suggests, interviewing for a job. Like Michael, however, some of us need a little help creating ours. If something about your teeth or gums is making you self-conscious and preventing you from smiling as broadly as you could be, we have plenty of solutions up our sleeve. Some of the most popular include:

  • Tooth Whitening. Professional whitening in the dental office achieves faster results than doing it yourself at home, but either approach can noticeably brighten your smile.
  • Bonding. A tooth-colored composite resin can be bonded to a tooth to replace missing tooth structure, such a chip.
  • Veneers. This is a hard, thin shell of tooth-colored material bonded to the front surface of a tooth to change its color, shape, size and/or length; mask dental imperfections like stains, cracks, or chips, and compensating for excessive gum tissue.
  • Crowns. Sometimes too much of a tooth is lost due to decay or trauma to support a veneer. Instead, capping it with a natural-looking porcelain crown can achieve the same types of improvements. A crown covers the entire tooth replacing more of its natural structure than a veneer does.

If you would like more information about ways in which you can transform your smile, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about the techniques mentioned above by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Teeth Whitening,” “Repairing Chipped Teeth,” and “Porcelain Crowns & Veneers.”

By Smart Family Dental Care
February 22, 2016
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The versatility of cosmetic dentistry.

Not too many years ago, when you needed a tooth repaired the choices were limited to large, metal fillings. Now, thanks to modern cosmetic dentistrydentistry and state-of-the-art dental materials, you can have beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic dentistry treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is an art, so don’t go see just anyone. Dr. Orson Baek of Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA is your go-to professional who can introduce you to the world of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide variety of dental treatments to fix most dental esthetic issues. Teeth whitening treatments are used to whiten your teeth if you have dull or darkened teeth from aging, or deeply stained teeth from coffee drinking or smoking. Your Norcross cosmetic dentist offers an in-office whitening treatment which takes about an hour, or take-home whitening kits which you can use when it’s convenient for you in the privacy of your home.

If you are looking for more substantial treatments to fix major cosmetic problems in your front teeth, Dr. Baek can introduce you to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are used to change the look of teeth that are:

  • Poorly aligned or slightly overlapped
  • Badly shaped or broken
  • Spaced widely apart
  • Cracked or chipped
  • Deeply stained or discolored

Composite is a very versatile tooth-colored filling material and can be used to cover up small chips and cracks in your teeth. It is also used to replace metal fillings and can correct the shape and color of teeth. Highly skilled cosmetic dentists like Dr. Baek can also disguise some of the less-than-perfect issues with your teeth like overlapping or tooth alignment. Your composite treatment will be color-matched perfectly so your restorations are virtually indistinguishable from the teeth around them.

If you are thinking about cosmetic dental treatments, you owe it to yourself to come in and visit Dr. Orson Baek of Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, GA. Call today and find out which cosmetic dental treatment is best for you!

By Smart Family Dental Care
January 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

If your Norcross dentist, Dr. Orson Baek, has recommended one or more dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you may have dental implantssome questions about their care. It may surprise you to learn that these amazing restorations can be cared for in almost the same manner as your natural teeth. Here's how the staff at Smart Family Dental in Norcross, Georgia suggests caring for your dental implants, before and after the procedure:

What is the care regimen for dental implants?

Prior to the placement of your dental implant's post, your Norcross dentist will give you instructions on maintaining your oral health. It is important that your gum tissue is healthy; gums should be firm and have a coral pink color, and should not bleed with normal brushing or flossing motions. Healthy gums keep the post protected from bacteria that could potentially enter the placement site.

After the post of your implant is placed by your Norcross dentist, it will be imperative to keep the area decontaminated. Careful brushing in the area and thorough rinsing will keep it clean and free of food debris.

Once the implant has fully healed and the crown has been placed, the care will be similar to that of natural teeth. Brushing twice daily with a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive paste or gel will ensure that the crown retains its finish and that your gums will not become irritated. Flossing once a day is also important. Your Norcross dentist may recommend a water flosser to irrigate the areas between your teeth and implants.

Will my dental implants need replaced?

If you follow the above instructions, you're on pace to have a dental restoration that can last a lifetime. Unlike other restorations, dental implants from Dr. Orson Baek, your Norcross dentist, are designed to simulate the anatomy and function of an entire tooth, not just the visible portion. This keeps the entire implant stable and also helps to retain function of your jawbone and other natural teeth.

If you'd like to learn more about the advantages of dental implants, contact Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, Georgia today! We'd be glad to set up an appointment with Dr. Orson Baek.