If you have lost a tooth, replacing it can restore the appearance of your smile. Missing teeth can cause more trouble than just the way they look. The gap they leave behind can cause food to get stuck and can allow surrounding teeth to shift leading to problems with plaque and decay. You have options when it comes to restoring your smile, but dental implants represent the best option in matters of appearance, use, and longevity. Learn about dental implants in Norcross, GA, from your Smart Family Dental Care dentist, Dr. Orson Baek.

Improved Support

One of the major differences between dental implants and other treatments is the way they are supported.

Dental bridges are held in place by reshaping the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. A crown is then attached to these teeth so that they can support the replacement tooth in between.

When restoring multiple teeth, removable dentures are the traditional solution. Many have complaints about shifting dentures at the time of eating and speaking. This happens because our mouth changes shape over time and dentures depend on suction to remain in place.

Dental implants do it all completely differently. They are held in place by a titanium post that is permanently bonded to the bone of your jaw which is possible thanks to a process called osseointegration. Both single dental implants and implant-supported dentures are supported the same way.

Dental Implants in Norcross, GA

Dental implants do require a larger initial investment of time, as compared to other treatments. But unlike these others, dental implants are made to be a complete and permanent restoration. The result is a tooth that looks just like any other, with comparable bite strength.

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