Gum SurgeryWhile most people think of straight, white teeth when they think about the perfect smile, the truth is that having a beautiful smile takes more than that. It also requires beautiful, healthy gums.

Are your gums too big, too small, uneven or discolored? If so, it is completely natural to feel embarrassed by or discontent with your smile. Thankfully, however, you don't have to feel that way any longer. Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, and you can find yours by calling Dr. Orson Baek, D.D.S., M.S. at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross for gum surgery.

Why Gum Surgery?

Gums that are too small can make your smile look toothy. Gums that are too big can make your smile look gummy. Gums that swollen, infected or discolored can ruin your smile altogether. The truth is, your gums can have a dramatic effect on your smile's appearance.

With gum surgery from Dr. Baek at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross, you can make sure that the effect your gums have on your smile is a good one. Dr. Baek can fill in gums that are too small, trim back gums that are too big, and remove any discoloration or unevenness you might have. He can cover your exposed tooth roots to reduce pain and sensitivity. He can even go in and clean out any infection or decay you might have along your gum line as well.

Is Gum Surgery Safe?

Yes, gum surgery is very safe and effective, especially when you visit a qualified Norcross oral surgeon such as Dr. Baek. As long as you are healthy enough for minor surgery, you have no reason to worry.

A healthy smile involves more than just white teeth or perfect alignment. If your gums are getting in the way of the beautiful smile you've always wanted, you deserve to do something about it. Call Dr. Baek at Smart Family Dental Care in Norcross to set up a gum surgery consultation today.