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Reasons You Might Need to Have Gum Surgery

Do you know what healthy gum tissue looks like? It should be pink and firm, forming a little collar around each tooth. Supporting and nourishing your smile, gum tissue requires Read More

5 Reasons to Have Gum Surgery

Gum problems? Gum surgery can help your dentist improve the appearance of your gums and restore oral health. There are many different types of periodontal surgery procedures being practiced, but Read More

When Is Gum Surgery Needed?

Could you benefit from gum surgery? Our Norcross, GA, dentist, Dr. Orson Baek of Smart Family Dental Care, explains how the surgery can enhance your appearance or improve the health Read More

Gum Surgery Gives You A More Pleasing Smile

While most people think of straight, white teeth when they think about the perfect smile, the truth is that having a beautiful smile takes more than that. It also requires Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts